History of Message Welfare Society

The Message Welfare Society in Rawalpindi is an established organization since 2008. We have been working in the fields of education, issues associated with women and children (health, basic rights, and advocacy), the environment and capacity building . The Society initially chose Rawalpindi as its base station and launched the first of its kind as a community based network in this poverty stricken area. Being constantly surrounded by people who live in hunger led to the establishment of this organization. The vision behind this whole program was to provide basic rights and basic health facilities to all the under-privileged people and bring awareness about the plight of this neglected assortment and try and make conscious efforts to bring this desolate lot at per with their counterparts elsewhere in the country. Our missions are based on feeding and educating the less fortunate. We strive to do our best to help many from young children to the elderly. We also focus on young orphans so the can also have a better and a brighter future.